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Turn your website into an order processing machine

SupplyHound's white-label order management platform is the only turnkey solution specifically designed for building material suppliers and their Pro customers.

With our turnkey solution, we do the heavy lifting. You get an online ordering solution customized to your specific material offerings and optimized for the Pro contractor. Includes both web and a branded mobile apps.

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Grow Your Sales

Pros know what they want and where they want to get it from. Giving them the easiest way to place routine orders increases sales. It's that simple.

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Optimize Your Teams

Sales and service personnel are your superpower. Encouraging your customers to go digital for routine orders frees your most valuable resource to do what they do best - build relationships.

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Retain And Add

Don't give your existing customers a reason to buy from someone else. Show prospects that you're a market leader. Give them the tools they need to be efficient and buy more.

SupplyHound's white label solution is your easy path to digital order management

Give Pros what they want (and what you need) all in one place

The contractor facing components make online ordering efficient and intuitive. No more voicemails or missed call frustration. 


The supplier cloud dashboard consolidates digital orders and communications in one place. Order status, notifications and web-to-text based chat makes order processing fast and accurate.

Offer and manage will call, hot shot and standard delivery options.



Ask about ERP integrations for fully automated order processing!

Getting started has never been easier

Designed specifically for material suppliers and Pro contractors.

Sell more - Keep relationships tight - Reduce costs

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